IN ENGLISH: Retreat at Andalucian Garden of Lemons with special tour to Úbeda

Quiet Days of Faith and Joy at Garden of Lemons

Join us for a transformative retreat at Garden of Lemons, located in the serene beauty of Granada, Spain. Experience the transforming power of silence and engaging presentations that delve into living with Christian faith and vibrant spirituality in today’s world.

Immerse yourself in the tranquil surroundings as you embark on a journey of reflection and contemplation. Our retreat offers a unique blend of quietude, spiritual practices, inspiring talks and gentle conversations among participants from many countries, guiding you towards a deeper connection with your faith.

Come to Garden of Lemons for quiet days filled with faith and joy and find renewal, inspiration, and spiritual growth.

Charlotte Rørth´s personal journey highlights the transformative power of faith and the significance of sharing experiences with others. Her writings and books serve as a source of comfort, inspiration, and guidance for those seeking a deeper connection to spirituality and a more fulfilling life.

At Garden of Lemons, we embrace the opportunity to explore faith, integrate it into our daily lives, and find joy and meaning in every moment. Join us on this journey of discovery and experience the richness and beauty of Andalucía, whether it’s your first visit or a return to this remarkable place.

Sunday 9 to Sunday 16th of June 2024

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As part of our unique arrangement, we invite you to join us on a full-day trip to Úbeda and Baeza, two enchanting towns nestled in the olive mountains of northeastern Andalusia.

These captivating cities have earned their place on the UNESCO World Heritage list, boasting simple yet elegant Renaissance buildings, atmospheric squares, and breathtaking views of the sprawling olive groves.

In Úbeda, we’ll visit La Sacra Capilla de el Salvador, a magnificent site of historical significance. You’ll also have the opportunity to explore an almost 1000-year-old newly discovered synagogue and discover some of Spain’s finest ceramics.

Baeza, on the other hand, is home to one of the oldest universities in Spain, adding an educational touch to our journey.

Both Úbeda and Baeza are favored weekend destinations for Spaniards seeking a history-filled getaway and delectable cuisine, yet remain relatively untouched by foreign tourists. We have the privilege of a specially designed tour guided by Andrea Pezzini, a cultural guide since 1994. Andrea has been closely connected to Charlotte Rørth since they first crossed paths during her initial experiences in 2008.

During our excursion, we’ll enjoy a delightful lunch at one of Úbeda’s leading restaurants, savoring the flavors of the region. Before our return journey, we’ll also indulge in tapas in the charming town of Baeza, adding a delightful culinary experience to our day.

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The workshop will take place at Garden of Lemons in Southern Spain!

We’ll find ourselves inmersed in a unique and stunning environment at the Garden of Lemons refuge, located in the serene Valle de Lecrín, also known as the valley of joy and happiness. Nestled near Granada in Andalusia, this picturesque setting offers the perfect blend of inner peace, spirituality, and natural wonders.

Our hosts, Henrik Vilain and Ingo Schauser, both accomplished classical musicians, have created a truly magical place for you to experience. From enjoying the refreshing pool and breathtaking countryside views to relaxing on the rooftop terrace with a backdrop of majestic mountains, every moment at the Garden of Lemons is filled with tranquility and beauty.

Explore the enchanting orangery, surrounded by ancient olive, lemon, and orange trees, and feel the inspiration and enthusiasm it evokes. Throughout the week, Ingo will lead shorter pilgrimage walks, allowing you to connect with the area’s surroundings on a deeper level. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to join a trip to Granada, where you can discover the city’s rich history and cultural treasures.